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Soma Expands Commitment to Sustainability and Women in Need

Intimate Apparel Brand Expands its Bra Donation Program with Two National Organizations

FORT MYERS, Fla., April 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Soma®, Chico's FAS' (NYSE: CHS) intimate apparel brand, announces the expansion of their annual Bra Donation program with partners, I Support the Girls and The Bra Recyclers®.

"As a brand that is founded, led and designed by women, Soma is committed to sustainability and helping women in need by giving unwanted bras a second chance," says Kimberly Grabel, SVP of Marketing, Chico's FAS, Inc., "We believe that every woman should feel confident and comfortable in her own skin. Partnering with I Support the Girls further showcases our ongoing commitment to this mission. We know some bras are a little more loved and cannot be donated to a second wearer, so we continue our dedication to keep bras out of landfills with The Bra Recyclers."

In recognition of Earth Day, Soma is proud to enhance the program that has been reducing waste for more than a decade. Since July 2010, Soma has offered a bi-annual bra donation and bra recycling program, resulting in over 2 million bras that have been reused or repurposed and kept out of landfills. The program encourages customers to donate gently worn or new bras to Soma and has been expanded to allow bras and monetary donations to be donated in our Soma stores year-round. The expanded scale and scope of the program is a testament to the brand and customer dedication to making a difference for the planet and in women's lives.

"Every person, regardless of their circumstances, is worthy of honor and respect. We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Soma to allow women who lack access or means to stand tall with dignity by providing them with basic necessities, like a new bra," states Dana Marlowe, Founder and Executive Director, I Support the Girls.

In addition, Soma will collect monetary donations for I Support the Girls at its boutiques, outlets, and website to help girls and women experiencing homelessness, victims of domestic violence, victims of sex trafficking, refugees and evacuees affected by natural disasters*.

Elaine Birks-Mitchell, founder of The Bra Recyclers®, shares, "Bra-recycling partners like Soma further our goal of extending the life of bras, rather than discarding them into landfills."

To date, the number of bras Soma has recycled has a greenhouse gas emissions impact equivalent to 44.1 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled.

For more information about the Soma Bra Donation program, please visit   

Founded in 2004, Soma has been focused on what women want and need from day one. Soma's all-women led design team has crafted bras and panties, pajamas and loungewear to make women feel both beautiful and confident. Now, there are over 250 boutiques and outlets nationwide, a monthly catalogue and 24/7 shopping at

I SUPPORT THE GIRLS (ISTG) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that collects and distributes donations of new and gently used bras and feminine products to women and girls in need. Visit for more information.

The Bra Recyclers, LLC is a social enterprise and clothing recycling company specializing in the reuse of new and pre-loved bras. Their goal is to educate and influence retailers and consumers on the benefits of the circular economy and extending the life of clothing (e.g., bras) rather than discarding them into landfills. The social impact of the re-use of bras has allowed The Bra Recyclers to donate over 4 million bras to women and girls around the world in need and/or who are escaping domestic violence and human trafficking. Visit for more information.

* I SUPPORT THE GIRLS (ISTG) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that collects and distributes donations of new and gently used bras and feminine products to women and girls in need. Visit for more information. New and gently used bras will be donated to ISTG; all others may be recycled through The Bra Recyclers®. Monetary donations: Customers may make a monetary donation to support ISTG through the Charity link on  Donations are not refundable or tax deductible.

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