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What are the ticker symbols and CUSIP number for Chico's FAS common stock? Where does Chico's FAS common stock trade?

Chico's FAS, Inc. Common Stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol CHS. Its CUSIP number is 168615-10-2. From March 26, 1993 to April 11, 2001 Chico's traded on NASDAQ under the symbol CHCS.

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Does Chico's FAS pay a dividend and have a direct stock purchase plan?

Yes, Chico's FAS' latest cash dividend was $0.0825 per common share. The company does have a dividend reinvestment program for registered shareholders. You can obtain information on the plan, including the plan prospectus and enrollment card, by visiting the plan's Administrator's website, www.amstock.com. or by calling toll-free, 1-888-490-1287.

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When has Chico's FAS stock split?

Chico's has split its stock six times since going public in 1993 as follows:

  • 02/22/2005 - 2 for one
  • 07/29/2002 - 2 for one
  • 01/18/2002 - 3 for 2
  • 05/16/2001 - 3 for 2
  • 01/14/2000 - 2 for one
  • 01/14/1994 - 2 for one
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I have lost my stock certificate. How can I get a new copy? How can I find out how many shares of stock I have? How can I change the name and address on my stock certificate?

Contact our Transfer Agent - American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, 6201 15th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11219, 1-888-490-1287 or visit their web site at www.amstock.com for answers to these types of shareholder questions.

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Where did the name Chico's FAS, Inc. come from?

Chico's was originally named Chico's Folk Art Specialties, Inc. as Chico's sold folk art items in its early years. In 1990 the Company shortened its name to Chico's FAS, Inc. to more properly reflect its current business, yet retain its past. The name Chico's came from a bilingual parrot owned by the founders' friends.

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Does Chico's give guidance on future earnings or endorse analyst earnings?

Chico's does not endorse or comment on analyst earnings estimates except through formal press releases when deemed necessary. Chico's does not endorse or comment on analyst earnings.

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How do I communicate with the Chico’s FAS Board of Directors?

Shareholders and other interested parties who desire to communicate with members of the Board of Directors, individually or as a group (such as our Board Chair or Lead Independent Director, as applicable, or the independent or non-management directors), may do so by writing to the Company’s Corporate Secretary, at: Chico’s FAS, Inc., Corporate Secretary, c/o the Legal Department, 11215 Metro Parkway, Fort Myers, Florida 33966, or via email to legal@chicos.com. The Corporate Secretary will forward such communication to the intended recipient(s). Any communication directed to the independent directors or non-management directors as a group will be forwarded to our Board Chair or Lead Independent Director, as applicable. The Corporate Secretary will keep a file of such communications (including a log thereof), and may also provide the Board of Directors with summaries of such communications. Directors may at any time review the log or file of such communications and may request copies of any communications. Solicitations or matters unrelated to the Company will not be forwarded. Communications pertaining to non-executive officer personnel issues or seeking to do business with the Company will be forwarded to the proper business unit within the Company.

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How do I report a concern regarding the company’s accounting, internal controls, auditing, improper use of assets or ethical improprieties?

Shareholders, associates, and other parties with concerns or complaints regarding the Company’s accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing, improper use of the Company’s assets, or ethical improprieties may report these concerns anonymously through the third-party hotline that has been established by the Company by calling (1-888-361-5813) or submitting through www.chicosfasopendoor.ethicspoint.com. Such parties may also report their concerns directly to the Company’s Audit Committee via the Corporate Secretary as described above. Associates may also report their concerns on these matters internally to the Human Resources, Internal Audit or Legal Departments. However submitted, these reports will promptly be forwarded to the Chair of the Audit Committee and separately to the Executive Vice President – Chief Human Resources Officer, General Counsel and Vice President - Internal Audit, and will be handled in accordance with procedures established by the Audit Committee (see “Complaint Procedures for Accounting Matters” available on the Company’s website (www.chicosfas.com) by clicking on “About Us” and then “Governance Documents & Charters”).

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